Our customers are from all over the world; we do business with restaurants, hotels, department stores, homeware and gift shops, e-commerce platforms, interior designers and the list is long. We are proud to serve high-end customers like Soho House & Co, you can check our products on their website by clicking here. Our biggest customer is Amazon, it has been 4 years since we are on their vendor program, they've been continuously placing large orders from us twice every single week, every Monday and Wednesday. Our products are being listed and fulfilled directly by them on all their worldwide platforms. This opportunity has benefit an extraordinary growth to our business. The farthest customer we serve is Dusit Hotel, from the beautiful Island of Guam, we are very pleased to see our products standing on that far side of the planet. We apologise to those who have not been listed below, we do value all our customers, we can't disclose all of them because the list is too long.MR OLIVEWOOD® customers


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